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Productivity and efficiency hinge on preventing bottlenecks and the delays they cause. Workers leave workstations for assistance, staff wait for the right components to complete tasks, and completed workpieces wait to be used in downstream processes.

Solutions that combine wireless communication with bright LED indication enable seamless interaction between machines, workers, mobile equipment, and supervisors. With the right data and reporting, workflows can be optimized with immediate, substantial improvement. Banner offers simple, secure, configurable visualization of operating status with easy installation and configuration.

Banner’s popular and proven Solutions Kits remain a best-in-class, smart local network option for scaled, data-driven preventive maintenance. Now we’ve added complete Starter Kits that also require no wiring, significant changes to infrastructure, or help from IT. 

What data would you like to transform your business? Set up your dashboard to remove the guesswork on your opportunities for greater productivity: real-time data on response times (call for parts / call for response), cycle times, performance, orders, and other quality measures. Turn your new insights into a focused drive for improvement and watch your OEE spike.

Ready to get started? Pilot for improved productivity with a Starter Kit or create a smart local network of monitoring with a Solutions Kit. If you’re not sure, give us your info for a Banner Engineering conversation certain to provide the answer on which product fits your business needs. Our difference is a commitment to provide our customers with only the products they need—and with enduring quality and support.

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