Here Are Your Answers

Condition and Environmental Monitoring has never been this simple.

Which option is best for piloting with Banner?

Banner Engineering has Solutions and StarterKits for many Condition Monitoring and Productivity applications. You can scale up with more of the same type or with different types of monitors to the same controller when ready. See our website for more details or contact your Banner sales professional for answers.

How easy are these products to set up?

You won’t need IT or facilities to assist with setup. Banner SmartSolutions makes installation of complex wireless networks a breeze. We provide cloud tools to get your data online in minutes rather than weeks. 

How do these devices connect to the cloud and how can I see my data remotely?

Banner Gateway Controllers can communicate via Cellular and Ethernet.  Simple ‘no code’ setup pushes data to the Banner Cloud. You can configure that data in our feature-rich platform for custom visualization and alerts.  

How do the sensors report downtime and machine failure?

Banner Engineering’s SmartSolutions give a baseline to the health of your assets.  Alarms are set to alert you based on customized warning and critical alert levels.

What is the average reduction in maintenance cost this will save?

If a key asset, such as a single motor, is pulled offline for an hour, estimates by different verticals have ranged from $2,000 to $10,000 in lost productivity. Our clients create calculations based on their previous repair times / downtime to show savings with direct accuracy—but given the cost of the equipment, it pays for itself in its first prevention of downtime.

Do the kits work in extreme conditions?

Banner Engineering’s sensors and gateway solution have environmental ratings up to IP67 and Industrial Temp ranges.  Please review individual parts for specific specifications.

Do the kits come with all of the components I need?

SmartSolutions Starter Kits come with sensors, batteries, gateways, cellular services, and cloud services.  These are the all the things needed to stand up an industrial end-to-end solution.

What kind of tech support is available?

Complete user guide and video series on setup is available at The Banner Engineering Application Engineering group is always available to answer questions via the phone at 1-888-3-SENSOR (736767).

How do I add more sensors?

The binding process of adding sensors to gateways is made simple on the DXM Gateway LCD display and the Banner Solutions Kits HMI. Simply buy sensors and wireless nodes, add batteries, and bind to gateway. The data from the sensors is immediately available.

What, if anything, is pre-configured?

The Banner Engineering Starter and Solution Kits have all the base code configurations loaded on the gateways for pushing data to the cloud. The only thing that is needed to start reporting data is binding the sensors to the DXM gateway.

Which options offer the ability to pilot and then scale?

Sensor and Solution kits are based on all the Banner Industrial rated sensors and wireless nodes. Simply buy more sensors and add to your kit.  

How do I create alerts, visualize the sensor data on dashboards, and download data?

The Banner Cloud Data Services allows users to connect to the cloud and create visual tools in minutes.  Starter Kits come with default dashboards and allow you to customize them at will. The Cloud Data Services platform allows you to add email alerts based on the signals from your assets and our sensors.