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Banner sensors are installed somewhere in the world every 3.5 seconds—and we’re closing in on 3. The fact is, we’re the trusted provider of nearly all components required for IIoT modernization. Customers rely on our temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for their precision and durability, including in the most difficult industrial environments. 

Our Temperature and Humidity Starter Kits and Solutions Kits are fast and easy-to-deploy predictive maintenance solutions. In less than one day, you can set up a pilot or a smart network of wireless sensors to reliably monitor ambient temperature and humidity within critical areas of your facility. Monitor the conditions of dry bulk storage, food processing, or refrigerated storerooms without the hassle or expense of wired infrastructure of connected devices.

Each Kit offers a smart solution in one box. Choose a Starter Kit to pilot with 90 days of free access to Banner’s Cloud Data Services for a variety of monitoring types and the flexibility to add up to 10 sensors/nodes, with centralized reporting. Or create a network of monitoring with a Solutions Kit, with local data consumption and display, and settings adjustments on a 10.4” HMI screen as needed for up to 40 sensors/nodes.

Let us help you get started successfully. You know the cost of doing nothing is no longer an option. We've heard from customers who saved thousands after determining a refrigeration unit was starting to fail, or a door was left open. With low cost, simple-setup solutions from Banner, there are no more excuses; the equipment can pay for itself within weeks of installation.

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