Anticipate machine failures before they occur

As you consider how to capitalize on the opportunity of Industry 4.0, you’ve likely heard from consultants ordering comprehensive assessments over just a few months or received invitations to hear about enterprise-level system integrations with titan data/service providers. The real question: you know the promise of predictive maintenance is real, but do you really have to Go Big to prevent risk and lost productivity?

No. You don’t need assessments, months, or millions. Banner Engineering offers straightforward, powerful solutions to monitor critical equipment components—detecting even slight variations in performance. You’ll identify problems before failure, with significant savings as you improve your operational efficiency. Our difference: we offer the workhorse, industrial solutions without the cost, complexity, or show-pony extras.

Banner’s products are known for smart, rugged design. We’ve taken this same approach for solving predictive maintenance: we offer the workhorse, industrial solutions without the cost, complexity, or show-pony extras.

Select from the Banner SmartSolutions Starter Kits, which can pilot one or multiple types of monitoring applications—or create a full-scale smart network through Banner’s cost-effective Solutions Kits. All Kits offer easy installation and plug-and-play fast commissioning, with the necessary programming for you to ensure success.

Where should you start? Many of our customers pilot with a few assets and equipment that is mission critical to production, and they're delighted to find the Starter Kits are easy to install — even in hard-to-access locations that tend to be difficult to monitor and maintain.

Others want to set up a smart local network of monitoring sensors, and this is where our Solutions Kits shine. Customers appreciate the Kits machine-learning ability and the time/cost savings to set up—resulting in actionable feedback on a large, 10” HMI for up to 40 sensors/nodes.  

Once commissioned, all Kits instantly supply data and insights that you will need to implement an optimized, proactive maintenance regimen. You can save thousands of dollars in downtime, and your success will track and scale as you do: add on more Banner monitoring solutions with ease for even greater ROI.

And best of all, install with confidence and give us a call if you need to. We’re standing by. Our equipment and support have been the preferred choice of plant managers, control engineers, and reliability managers for over 50 years— and Banner will be by your side for the next 50, offering world-class industrial quality.

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