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Banner Engineering is the tested, trusted choice.   

Over decades, Banner Engineering products have built a following: cost-effective, reliable, and so rugged you’ll retire before you need to replace them. Now, in combination with available software and cellular data, our all-in-one wireless solutions are all you need to increase uptime and capture data to ramp up productivity.  

Why partner with Banner for your introduction to Industry 4.0?

Sure, you can take a risk with a large-scale investment, take months wading through a costly consultation, or partner with a start-up that requires ongoing costs. Delaying preventive monitoring and maintenance has equal risk: just a few hours of downtime can net production losses of $100,000 or more for most companies.

Banner Engineering is your pragmatic choice. Our solutions are complete, plug and play, and install quickly. We have given development of savvy, scalable monitoring the same attention as our award-winning, patented industrially designed products. You can pilot quickly, increasing your uptime for cost savings, and optimizing productivity without risk.

Run a pilot for proof of concept with wireless installations that make everything—and everyone—on-premise smart. Our predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring solutions can pay for themselves within the first months of setup. Scale quickly and you’ll have a complete program for asset maintenance and new insights to resolve bottlenecks in production.  

Maximize your productivity

Your leap to Industry 4.0 is now over-lunch-installation fast. With time left for lunch.

Banner wireless solutions are truly easy to install and use. You won’t need a tech or IT expert to set up, gain baseline readings on your assets, and begin continual monitoring. If you need help, you can speak with our support team—real people standing by—to answer your questions.

Even better, we don’t require a costly subscription. Our solutions create a smart local network on premise, or you are free to use our Cloud Data Services for 90 days while the technology provides immediate returns. Ramp up for site-wide industrial efficiency with confidence using our new, pilot-proof Starter Kits or our proven and popular Solutions Kits.

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Matt M. – Sr. Facility Manager

The parts took no time to install, and it was just as easy to set up the data and see the baseline information for our equipment. With that visibility, the first notification from Banner's kits will save a lot of money and grief. Thanks.

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